What Does Your Contraception Say About You? Episode 4

Is your contraception a choice or a treatment for a more serious issue?  Many women don’t choose to take birth control – they are told it is the only option to treat serious health issues including endometriosis, PCOS and other gynaecological and hormonal issues.  In Episode 4 of The Wellness Collective Podcast, I’m excited to say, Cecelia and I discuss the truths of using contraceptives like the pill and the mirena and how your hormone fix may be a far lot simpler than you might think.

We’re after long term solutions – not bandaids.  I think you’ll agree, treating the root case of any issue rather than just skimming about the edges treating symptoms makes far more sense.  You’re going to love this episode!

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Intermittent Fasting – What It Really Does To Your Hormones.

So you know, I’ve been fasting.  Truthfully you may not actually know but I did post a picture on my socials sharing of how I had been intermittent fasting for the past eight weeks and I can safely say my body is loving me crazy for it.  You, my favourite people had a LOT of questions and so in true NK style I knew I needed to pin down a date with my keyboard and tap this out for you, so here we are.

Intermittent Fasting in a nutshell is going for select periods of time without food.  I have written about it here before and dived right in, it’s worth taking a read.  Maybe if you had asked me just three short years ago my thoughts on fasting, I would have told you it’s a big NO for your hormones.  Truthfully though, we are always learning and hit fast forward I’m here today to say, I’m a big fan.  Not only have I been trialling it myself, but I’ve also been doing this with my patients for some time too.

With this in mind, I want to answer the questions that have hit my inbox over the past few days – to really help you decide if this is something for you or not.

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What’s Up With Body Image – with Taryn Brumfitt – Episode 3

Ever been on a diet, deprived yourself because you’ve hated on your body or thought horrible things about how you look? Welcome to the club!  I think the vast majority of us have things about ourselves we don’t like.  For some and some of us have been able to navigate around this and for some of have not but whatever camp you sit in, we can all use some kindness.  Today’s guest, Taryn Brumfitt from The Body Image Movement has take the world by storm with her documentary, Embrace – changing how women look at their body in order to create some pretty special change.

Taryn’s story is possibly something other women have thought but not been vocal enough to share – and Taryn is sharing it with the world.  She believes that we all need to talk more about our body and how we can be completely unkind to ourselves.

You’re going to love this episode thanks to Podcast One.

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So You Like Good Hair Huh?

Am I wrong in thinking that almost every person on the planet is slightly hair obsessed?  Whether we want good hair, have a lot of hair, no hair or unruly hair, we tend to bring it up in conversation frequently.  If this was just an observation, my question was further cemented in this week when I posted a video of me doing my hair one morning and the views hit an all time high.  It appeared, that people enjoyed watching me curl my hair.

It got me to thinking – did I need to remind my favourite people (that being you) that you can always improve health – hair included?

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Living with Genetic Illness & Facing Surrogacy with Alissa Latto – Episode 2

We’re so excited to be rolling out these new and wonderful episodes on the freshly launched Wellness Collective Podcast thanks to PodcastOne.

If you haven’t yet rated the podcast to take part in our celebrations, it’s not too late!  You have until this Friday to subscribe, rate and review to put yourself in the running for one of 10 prize packs, 5 of which are valued at over $700!  If you’re keen, you can learn more here to see all the goodies on offer!

But today’s episode has something for everybody.  From genetic illness to surrogacy as well as building resilience for life, we’ve covered a lot of ground.  Our guest, Alissa Latto is something else!  Alissa has a rare condition Marfan’s disorder and she shares of this and it’s challenges (and how she has overcome many of them) today.  She’s a mum of 6 year old twin boys and is such an inspiration to us all.