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What Really Happens To Your Hormones in Your 30’s?


During my time on ‘the road’ (ok seriously, there were few roads involved, my preferred mode of transport across Australian Desert is in an aeroplane!) for The Wellness Collective Regional Tour, it became increasingly apparent that us ladies really don’t have too much of an understanding around hormones and ageing.  I thought about it.  Is this because we are in denial, happily avoiding the inevitable?  Is it because we seriously have no idea OR perhaps it’s because nobody is talking about it.  In any case, most of us have very little clue as to what’s about to happen.  The blur of the mid thirties until menopause doesn’t seem to get any decent TLC.

Our body’s are certainly cyclic and Chinese Medicine beautifully summarises these cycles for women to come around every eight years or so.

Around 8 years of age: We commence puberty.  Young girls begin to show breast buds, there may be changes with cervical fluid as they prepare for the arrival of the period.  This doesn’t mean the period arrives at 8.  It’s set to show up somewhere between 11 – 14 as an average.