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Is this the missing factor to your weight gain, bloating & imbalanced hormones?

Nat (101)

Could we have finally found the missing link when it comes to hormone imbalance?  You know the symptoms – weight again, bloating, anxiety, insomnia, depression, missing periods, PMS, acne… oh the list!  It keeps on going and then some.  Almost every single woman that I cross paths with, be it in the clinic or on the street shows some form of hormone imbalance.  It’s an epidemic to say the least – we are all feeling the brunt of it, certainly me included.

I love so very much that ‘we’ continue to learn little clues about the human body that blow our minds – but actually it’s a little bitter sweet.  For everything we know, there are still huge gaps.  And just when we think we really understand something, there is another scientific advance that breaks all the rules and has us going back to the drawing board.  For me, over the past decade I’ve watched on, researching, constantly reading, constantly feeling a little inadequate (truth bomb!), but also finding comfort in my (short) life experience thus far. 12 years in the field doesn’t necessarily have me knowing it all, but it at least has me knowing some key things that are really driving women’s (and men’s) hormones completely wild.