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Fix Your Hormones with Seed Cycling & Yo’Nuts


You’ve heard me go on a bit about seed cycling before.  In fact, nothing has changed since that original post back in 2013 besides the fact that (drumroll please)……… we now have our very own Seed Cycling product to make life easy for you!!  Hello Yo’Nuts Seed Cycling Mix!

Truth is, if you cycles are a bit iffy, if you feel ‘hormonal’ or feel your hormones are a little out of kilter, seed cycling is here to help.

Here’s how.  Using specific ‘seeds’ (like sesame and pumpkin seeds) at various times of your cycle, you can help naturally balance what your hormones should already be doing (but might be struggling due to lifestyle, diet, environment and the rest).  These amazing ingredients have their own superpowers to help take your hormones from struggle street to happy days!