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What’s Up With Body Image – with Taryn Brumfitt

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Ever been on a diet, deprived yourself because you’ve hated on your body or thought horrible things about how you look? Welcome to the club!  I think the vast majority of us have things about ourselves we don’t like.  For some and some of us have been able to navigate around this and for some of have not but whatever camp you sit in, we can all use some kindness.  Today’s guest, Taryn Brumfitt from The Body Image Movement has take the world by storm with her documentary, Embrace – changing how women look at their body in order to create some pretty special change.

Taryn’s story is possibly something other women have thought but not been vocal enough to share – and Taryn is sharing it with the world.  She believes that we all need to talk more about our body and how we can be completely unkind to ourselves.

You’re going to love this episode thanks to Podcast One.